30 Day Baby Led Feeding Meal Plan

A comprehensive meal plan walking you through the first 30-60 days of starting solids with meals with whole family can enjoy!

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Take the guesswork out of what to feed your baby!

This meal plan is for you if you're about to start solids (or maybe you've already started) and you just want:

  • clear instruction on what foods to feed your baby and in what order!
  • to let go of the burden of making sure the meals you offer meet all their nutrient needs!
  • peace of mind that your baby will start solids in a way to prevent picky eating!
  • meals the whole family can enjoy!

Perfectly Balanced Baby Meals

All meals are perfectly balanced to include a high iron source, high calorie source and a fruit/vegetable, along with providing omega-3 rich meals twice per week - all dietitian approved!

A Strategy for Introducing Allergens

We've laid out the introduction of allergenic foods for you in a strategic manner with the perfect recipes presented in order so you don't have to do any guesswork.

Constant Variety to Prevent Pickiness!

From day 1 - day 30, we jump into lots of flavours and expose your baby to variety of foods with very little repetition! Variety is the spice of life...and key to raise an adventurous eater!

My baby loved the chicken drumsticks, tuna casserole and tonight we're trying the black bean omelet! I'm so grateful to have these recipes and love seeing him go to town on all these foods!

Carrie Moore

Mom of 6 1/2 month old

Over 60 recipes for you to choose from!

Depending on whether you start offering 1 meal a day or 2, the fact that there are over 60 unique, dietitian-approved recipes means you can use this meal plan for the first 30-60 days of starting solids without ever repeating a meal! 

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30 Day Baby Led Feeding Meal Plan

Take the guesswork out of the first 30-60 days of starting solids!

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