Readiness guide to starting solids

This free guide includes a checklist for ALL the signs and developmental skills your baby should have before they're ready to start solids - whether baby led weaning or starting with purees!

It will:

  • Eliminate confusion around when to start solids for YOUR baby
  • Clearly define the developmental signs of readiness to look for
  • Have you feeling confident that you are keeping your baby safe while successfully developing their skills


I’m Edwena Kennedy, a registered pediatric dietitian and mom of two who LOVES to help parents raise healthy little eaters with confidence

I've experienced first hand the overwhelm and confusion around how and what to feed babies and toddlers. But I've also seen the transformation that can happen when implementing some really great strategies only a feeding expert would know, combined a little confidence that every parent needs :)

I've since gained over 10 years experience transforming mealtimes for thousands of families all over the world through my online courses, I now want to YOU show that raising healthy eaters easily and confidently is totally possible!