About Edwena

I’m Edwena Kennedy, a registered pediatric dietitian from little ol’ Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Canada who LOVES to help parents raise healthy little eaters with confidence! I’ve created My Little Eater as a simple, straightforward way for parents to get the information, guidance and support they need to take their child along the entire feeding journey in the healthiest way possible. I’ve always felt that getting information on feeding and nutrition was way too complicated, overwhelming and quite frankly, all over the place so I wanted to simplify it for parents (because we have enough on our plates as it is!).

It’s my belief that it’s EVERY parent’s right to have easy access to the right, most up to date information on feeding their babies, toddlers and kids. I have two kids of my own and let me tell you...I’ve always hated the fact that early on I was left with the feeling of always having so many questions, doubted if I was doing things right, and never knew where to go to find consistent and thorough information.

You see, I had my kids at a fairly young age and it was during this time that I was a student at University, just beginning my degree in nutrition and dietetics. I was always very into nutrition and researched what I could on my own before beginning the program, however quickly began feeling like there was way too much conflicting info out there. Also, recommendations seemed so...basic. I mean, there was no detail besides "introduce solids between 4-6 months" with NO info beyond that. Like.....but how? what foods? How much? What do I do when they refuse? I basically did what I could with the info I had, and thankfully didn't have many issues when my kids were babies until...they became toddlers! Picky eating, fighting junk food left right and center, etc. etc. I felt like I was completely unprepared and even in school we did not learn what to do for these 101 situations. I asked my doctor who told me one thing... I asked my paediatrician who told me another. And actually... most of the advice was "it's just a phase" or "nothing to be concerned about". I felt lost and like I wasn’t finding the help I needed to do the best for my kids.

I thought - if this can happen to me - a nutritionist - then what about others who aren’t expected to know this stuff? So I decided I would delve into the research like no one before, I would dissect it, and then test, tweak and perfect to teach others how to do this stuff in a way that’s actually easy and straightforward! Then I thought...how can I reach as many people as possible in the most easily accessible way? Enter - online courses! And I’ve never looked back :)

I now have over 10 years experience in the pediatric world of nutrition and feeding, and use a lot of my at-home, hands-on experience with my two kids to show first hand that raising healthy eaters easily and confidently is totally possible! And now, you can too!

Want to know more?

  • My favourite things to do are hang out with my hubby and kids, travel (Europe is by far my favourite), and decorate/redesign homes (I swear I’d be an interior designer in another life).
  • I love HIIT workouts, but hate running.
  • I love being outdoors, but HATE bugs and creepy crawlers.
  • I love to try cuisines from all over the world
  • I’m Lebanese and was born in Lebanon (then married an irishman!)
  • Being a mom is my favourite job ever

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