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Want 1:1 individualized help from a dietitian?

Get all your questions answered during or after finishing your course, for at truly personalized approach to feeding your toddler and managing their specific quirks, food preferences, behaviours and more! Get access to a dietitian's knowledge, gain some clarity, and feel relief around your burning questions.

Regular price of a 1 hour session with a dietitian is $200. Sessions and courses can be claimed under insurance in Canada.

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Feeding Toddlers Course + Snack Guide Bundle

Confidently feed your toddler, manage picky eating and raise a healthy, adventurous eater in this step-by-step course! Tackle picky eating from all angles with the expert strategies, laid out in strategic sequence to give you the ultimate confidence to feeding your toddler like a pro.

Inside this course, you'll receive:

  • 🖥 14 VIDEO TEACHING MODULES walking you through all aspects of toddler feeding that can be preventing/affecting their pickiness & nutrition

  • 🖥 30 PRINTABLE RESOURCES to help you take action (including nutrition reference sheets, mealtime scripts and hands-on activities)

  • 🖥 50 RECIPES for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are nutrient dense and easy.

  • 🖥 UNLIMITED SUPPORT inside our clients only (Facebook) support group

  • 🖥 ULTIMATE SNACK GUIDE for toddlers

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What People Are Saying:

My toddler eats better than I could imagine! He now eats all the food he used to refuse...broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and spinach!! Plus, I don’t stress about his fluctuating appetite and mealtimes are much more enjoyable for both of us! He’s growing well and I’m so happy I know how to offer healthy meals and snacks that he will actually eat. - Carly Hendrix, mom of 2 ½ year old

I looooved your toddler course and have been seeing a big difference in my son’s attitude at mealtimes. We have battle-free meals and he loves playing food explorer at the table with us using the prompters you provide :) Carrie Bachman, mom of 3 year old

I was struggling with my toddler for over a year and I just took your feeding toddlers course and finished it two weeks ago. I have been focusing on the things I can control (menu, etc.) and trying to make mealtimes more about family time and I’ve got to say...he’s tried three new foods since! He isn’t crying about coming to the table and I genuinely think he’s feeling more relaxed which is making him try more. Thank you for all your help! Sydney Archer, mom of 3 year old