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Add on the Safe Beginnings Infant CPR & Choking Prevention Course? 

This industry leading online course gives you the confidence to manage emergencies for the whole family, and the know-how to prevent many of them from occurring in the first place.

What's in this 2 hour 15 min course?

  • How to recognize an emergency and when to phone 9-1-1
  • How to manage an unresponsive baby, child or adult
  • How to perform CPR on a baby, child or adult
  • How to help a choking baby, child or adult
  • Including maneuvers for pregnancy and other bodies that require modification
  • A signature discussion on preventing injuries for babies & toddlers

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BLF course + meal plan

Baby Led Feeding online course + 60 Day Baby Led Feeding Meal Plan

The most comprehensive, step-by-step course to introducing solids to your baby with no regrets! Baby Led Feeding (BLF) will show you how to feed your baby and prevent picky eating in a way that honors your baby's role in feeding and eliminates the stress and overwhelm!

Inside this course, you'll receive:

  • 🖥 21 VIDEO TEACHING MODULES covering every step of the baby feeding journey

  • 🖥 27 PRINTABLE RESOURCES that includes quick guides, tracking sheets, schedules and more

  • 🖥 TEXTURE TIMELINE FOOD LIBRARY for step-by-step videos on how to serve any food according to phase and stage!

  • 🖥 60 DAY BABY LED FEEDING MEAL PLAN with over 80 recipes to walk your baby through the first 60 days of starting solids

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What People Are Saying:

Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive customized approach to baby led weaning. I had taken a different course that did not give these options or a “meet baby where they are” approach and I was feeling super overwhelmed and nervous when we started feeding our son. I bought your course yesterday and I’m halfway through listening. It is so detailed and it’s so reassuring to have the explanations of different ways to feed my baby. I‘m so excited to start using the texture timeline and the meal plan. Thank you! - Kelly Pokrywiecki, Mom of 7 month old

Great course - well worth the cost! It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the masses of information about baby led weaning available on other sites, but at the same time, it's hard to find really important, practical info such as useful video collections of gagging and examples of eating. I love that this course is really thorough and puts all the pieces together on infant feeding in short video segments that are easy to watch while taking care of an infant. This course exceeded my high expectations, even including a video on oral motor development and one on the basics of infant cpr, great recipes, practical amazon product links, extra blog posts and podcast topics, and even a Facebook support group. So glad I came across this course - it has really helped ease my stress and boost my confidence in preparing to get my infant off to a healthy, happy feeding start! - Katrina Zlatkovsky, mom of 6 month old