[without the agitating mealtime battles, stress over what they're eating, or confusion around all those "what-to-do-I-do-when?" scenarios]


If you’re the parent/caregiver of a toddler, soon-to-be toddler or even of a school aged child who's looking to achieve stress-free, healthy mealtimes while squashing picky eating in it's tracks, then you already know that you need a step-by-step plan.

You already know that one-off-tips from a blog or Instagram page just isn't going to cut it anymore.

And I know there's no need to ramble on about how working with an expert and mom who's "been there, done that" will give you the know-how to turning your toddler into an adventurous eater a thing.

In fact, you probably have already been telling those close to you that you just want answers and you don't want to wait to see "if this is just a phase..."


Even if you've been lucky enough to have a few tips and tricks work for a few meals (THANK GOD)...having a holistic, step-by-step approach that helps you see the whole picture can:

  • Give you the confidence of being your own feeding expert

    No more second guessing yourself. With expert strategies and a plan, you will know what and how to best feed your toddler without any of the mom guilt, constant questioning and feelings of regret.
  • Consistently allow for stress-free meals

    You can actually look forward to coming to the table with your child. Mealtimes will be happy times where you can bond together (no more focusing on what is/isn't being eaten!). Those moments don't just exist on TV!
  • Reverse picky eating and achieve peace of mind

    Seeing the whole picture and tackling picky eating at the source, from many angles, means you can actually reverse picky eating instead of hoping for one good meal here and there. You can finally rest assured your child is in good health, knows their body and is getting all they need to grow well!
  • Lead to having an adventurous eater for life

    Sitting down to one meal for the whole family (that you actually enjoy too!) will be a thing. Going to cool, new restaurants with your toddler and not having to rely on a kids' menu will also be a thing! You can finally rest assured that your toddler will have the foundation to grow into a competent eater, even into adulthood!

Even though the motivation to instill healthy eating habits and manage your toddler's picky eating is clear, the path to actually doing so is anything but.

Raise a happy, healthy eater? Great!

Now how on earth do I start?

Maybe you've already been actively trying to set up or change the way your toddler eats and have found yourself resorting to catering to your toddler, begging, pleading or heck...even bribing them to eat differently! 

You've tried making food look fun, offering them treats to eat something, or ipads to stay at the table, and exposed them to a food for what seems like the hundredth time! You search for ways to get veggies or protein into favourite foods and are downright fed up with cooking healthy meals only to have them refused (or thrown) in a matter of seconds.

Perhaps you even know some of the "should's and shouldn'ts" around feeding, implemented tips from experts on Instagram and despite your best efforts, still aren't sure of where you're going wrong.

And you swear...if you hear them begging for a snack after a meal one more time...arghhh!!

Here's why most great parents find this process to be so stressful and out of their hands:

Without one person (an actual expert with experience) to lay out the WHOLE picture of what and how to feed your toddler, it's all just a bunch of random things you're trying. There's nothing that helps you connect the dots. Nothing that sticks. And God thing you're doing in one place may be completely counteracting what you're doing in another...and you wouldn't even know it!

Here's how this can make things harder:

The more stressed you are as a parent around meals, the more your toddler feels it and puts up a fight around food. The less confidence you feel around how you feed, the less confident your toddler will feel around how they eat

The good news...change is 100% possible and it starts with you!

Finding the missing piece to what you've already tried is usually quite clear once you have the whole picture. Then stress levels can go down, confidence can go up and change can start to happen little by little (even when you think it's too late)!



A Complete, Actionable Roadmap to Confidently Feed Your Toddler and Raise a Healthy Eater


I've taken everything I've learned from raising two picky-turned-adventurous eaters myself, paired with over 10 years experience working directly with thousands of parents to successfully transform mealtimes and health outcomes, and put it all into a step-by-step program that walks you through the theory AND actions to take to confidently feed your toddler, manage picky eating and raise a healthy eater!

This completely self-paced online course takes you through the ALL the factors affecting your toddlers eating and health, and one by one, helps you move from setting up the foundation for success, to implementing the more nitty gritty strategies in sequential order so that it all works together!


6 1/2 hours of material

Grab a cup of coffee (or wine!), sit back, and relax as you listen and watch your way to happier mealtimes. This course is visual and shows you how to plate meals, set up mealtimes, walks you through tools and demos of the strategies to work on and will leave you feeling confident in implementing expert feeding strategies! 

30 printable resources with step-by-step actions

Identify your toddlers needs, define a plan and make it happen! These resources can be turned into a workbook that provides you with checklists, menu plans, tracking sheets, hands on games and activities, scripts and more! It's designed to make the learning process easy and makes the course material accessible anytime you need it for quick reference!

Free Online Support Group

Your opportunity to learn doesn’t end once you’ve gone through the course. You get to connect with an amazing group of parents going through the same stages you are, PLUS, access to Edwena (like having your own personal in-home dietitian!) for ongoing education and helpful tips. Ask questions, share successes/struggles, and get in with an awesome tribe of parents for unlimited and lifetime support!

Section 1

How To Feed Your Toddler

We start off learning HOW to feed before learning WHAT to feed...because no matter how healthy of plate you put in front of your child, learning how to feed them in a way that builds trust, removes stress and battles and encourages them to want to eat is always the first step.

Section 1 Highlights:

  • Learn your role in feeding vs. your child’s role in eating to eliminate short order cooking, bribing and mealtime battles!
  • Setting up a mealtime environment for success 
  • How meals can be served in a way to encourage mindful eating, expose your toddler to new food with reduced anxiety, and reduce overall food waste.
  • What to say and do at mealtimes to promote healthy eating and maintain gentle limits
  • Examples of scripts to use at the table to avoid food battles and encourage adventurous eating!
  • Secrets to serving one meal for the entire family, ensure exposure to new foods, and be considerate without catering
  • From toddler to food scientist – play based exploration for guaranteed progress!
  • The power of novelty at mealtimes – tools of the trade your toddler that will generate a newfound interest in eating!
  • 3 rules to raise an intuitive eater who can handle sweets in a healthy and manageable way!

Section 2

What To Feed Your Toddler

Lesson 1: What to feed your toddler (meals)

  • Learn exactly how much food to serve your toddler, what food to serve and how to build a healthy meal
  • Resource: Toddler nutrition tracking sheet (to evaluate nutritional status)
  • Resource: Meal building cheat sheet
  • Resource: Easy whole food snack ideas for your toddler
  • Lesson 2: What to feed your toddler (snacks)
  • The importance of snacking and the formula for a satisfying snack ( plus how to make snacks work for you, not against you!)

Lesson 3: Milk and other beverages

  • Milk drinking recommendations, how much and when to serve it
  • Dairy alternatives and nutritional considerations
  • Juice and other beverages – yes/no and how much

Lesson 4: Supplements and nutrients of concern

  • Review of protein, iron, fat, fibre, calcium, vitamin D, omega 3 needs for toddlers
  • Multivitamins, probiotics and other supplements for toddlers (yes, no and how much?)
  • Resource: How to meet nutrient requirements through food 
  • Resource: My favourite supplements for toddlers

Lesson 5: Troubleshooting

  • Dealing with constipation, allergies and intolerances, preventing/managing iron deficiency
  • Growth concerns and understanding the toddler growth charts
  • Resource: High calorie foods for toddlers

Join hundreds of other parents who have experienced successful mealtimes!

"I feel like we have done a complete 180 in such a good way! She has eaten so well this week, trying new foods, not throwing food and gobbling everything we gave her up! Even at daycare it was the first week she ate really good every day! The tips in this program really helped and I couldn't believe the immediate results!"

Jenna Poste
Mom of 18 month old

Frequently Asked Questions

Because this is an online course, you set the pace for how long you would like to spend on the material. There is 3 1/2 hours worth of material in the entire course, broken down into 10 minute lessons for easy learning whenever you want! Some parents may take their time and watch it over a period of weeks, while others may want to watch it in one sitting!

You have lifetime access to the entire course! If you ever need to brush up on material or would like to retake it at any point in the future, you can!

I’m a Registered Pediatric Dietitian and feeding expert who has been practicing in the field for over 11 years. I’m also a mom of two boys and have gone through the process of feeding fussy toddlers myself. I have felt the stress and worry over how to handle this phase, and was able to overcome it and raise two very adventurous and pleasant eaters who LOVE mealtimes and a great variety of food. Combined with the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with, I know the ins and outs, tips & tricks, plus ALL the latest evidence based research and professional feeding strategies to allow me to teach this information with you with full confidence!

Well, as one mom who recently took the course put it..."Can I say...this is the best money I have ever spent?! This 3 1/2 hour toddler feeding class is worth it's weight in gold! Thank you My Little Eater - I have already seen improvement in just ONE day!"

Because I’m a mom too and want you to walk away feeling satisfied with the content in this course, I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the content of this course. All you need to do is let me know within 7 days of purchasing and show me why you felt the content was not complete.

"This course is EVERYTHING! At first I kept thinking this was all just a phase that would pass, but as things got worse I decided to take this course to see what I could tweak. Turns out there was so much I didn't realize I could be doing (and not doing!) that made an immediate difference in how my boy experienced mealtimes! Everyone says how he is such a good eater now and as a family we can finally enjoy mealtimes in peace!"

Christy Lavalette
Mom of 3 year old

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