Baby Led Feeding

The most comprehensive, step-by-step course showing you how to let your baby safely self feed...from 6 all the way to 12 months!


Feeling like you have no idea where to start?

Starting solids and introducing finger foods for your baby can feel like you are venturing into unchartered territory. It can be overwhelming just thinking about it! Or maybe you've started dabbling with some purees and finger food, but don't know where to go from here? Let pediatric dietitian, Edwena Kennedy, walk you step by step through the entire process of raising a confident and happy self-feeding baby who is a happy and healthy eater!



With this online video based course, you can get bite-sized, easily digestible pieces of information from absolutely anywhere you can access your phone or computer!

3 hours of material with videos

Grab a cup of coffee (or wine!), sit back, and relax as you listen and watch your way through the baby led feeding process. Want to know what feeding looks like for a baby at 6 months, 8 months, and 12 months? We’ve got it. Want a demo of how to cut and prepare various foods? We’ve got it. Want to see what a gagging baby looks like? You guessed…we’ve got it!

14 Resources and checklists

You don’t have to have everything you learned in the course etched into your memory. We’ve got you covered for those moments when you just need a quick reference to content, checklists to make sure your not missing anything, guides to keep you on track through the months, and meal plans for inspiration in the kitchen.

Private Online Support Group

Your opportunity to learn doesn’t end once you’ve got through the course. You get to connect with an amazing group of parents going through the same process you are, PLUS, access to Edwena (like having your own personal in-home dietitian!) for ongoing education and helpful tips. Ask questions, share successes/struggles, and get in with an awesome tribe of little eaters!

Don't let stress and overwhelm get the best of this exciting time!

From introducing the very first finger foods, to learning how to incorporate diverse flavours and textures safely, you’ll know exactly what, when and how to do it to ensure a stress-free, fun eating experience that will give your baby a lifetime of healthy eating habits!

What You'll Learn

9 video based modules you can watch on your own time, taking you step-by-step through evidence-based recommendations and ideas for every stage of starting solids, from 6-12 months, leaving you feeling excited to begin the feeding fun!

Module 1 - Choosing The Right Approach

Baby led weaning, purees…or mixed approach? We go through the pro’s and con’s of each and how to approach them both from a baby led perspective. We stress the importance of nudging  your baby along the texture timeline with self feeding as being the ultimate goal, and learning about how to do this in the best way for you and your baby!

Module 2: Getting Ready!

Learn all about the developmental signs of readiness and how to identify them. Plus, get a list of dietitian (and mom!) recommended favourite feeding gear & supplies!

Module 3 - Let the fun begin! (6-7 months)

All about setting up the perfect meal time environments, how to start with food and drinks, what and what not to serve your baby, how to offer meat, vegetables, fruit, and grains, complete with videos of finger food preparation and babies eating so you can see how it’s done!

Module 4: Expanding on Eating Skills (8-12 months)

Now that your baby is more experienced, you’ll cover what to expect next & how to modify foods to keep them challenged & progressing, complete with videos of babies of this age eating!

Module 5 - Safety while feeding

All about gagging & choking! You’ll be at ease knowing how to identify between the two (and what it looks like on video!), what to do for each, how to reduce the risk of choking, and BONUS –  a video lesson on how to implement infant CPR!

Module 6: Nutrition for Your Baby

In depth review of the importance of high iron foods, fatty foods, and learning how to shape your babies taste buds to raise an adventurous eater! We’ll also cover milk feedings & frequency of meals, serving size suggestions, plus give you sample meal plans!

Module 7 - FAQ

Help! My baby keeps throwing her food! Is food before one really just for fun? Is rice cereal ok for my baby? What about puree pouches and baby rice puffs? Does my baby need a probiotic? I suspect my baby has a feeding issue…and more!

Module 8: Recipes & Snack Ideas

No course about feeding is complete without tried and true recipes to inspire and grow your baby’s food repertoire. Perfect meals and snacks for the whole family!

BONUS MODULE - Oral Motor Skill Development

Learn about the natural skill progression and reflexes a baby develops, from sucking, to biting, chewing, tongue movements, swallowing & more. Find out how to help your baby develop these skills, plus how to to introduce a cup, straw, and utensils to your baby!

Join hundreds of other parents who know how to confidently feed their baby!

"I loved SO many things about this course...the online quick videos that you could watch while breastfeeding, the videos of babies eating, and all the recipes and resource sheets you get!! This program helped me understand all the different approaches to feeding my little one...I loved that it was based on evidence and not fads or trends. My daughter is 7 months now and I refer to this course often for refreshers or to look up a new recipe. It has given me the confidence and reassurance I needed to start feeding my adventurous little eater""

Ashley South
Mom of girl, 7 months old

Frequently Asked Questions

Because this is an online course, you set the pace for how long you would like to spend on the material. There is 3 hours worth of material in the entire course, broken down into 10 minute lessons for easy learning whenever you want! Some parents may take their time and watch it over a period of months, while others may want to watch it in one sitting!

You have lifetime access to the entire course! If you ever need to brush up on material or would like to retake it at any point in the future, you can!

I’m a Pediatric Registered Dietitian who has been practicing in the field for over 10 years. I’m also a mom of two boys and have gone through the process of introducing solids both with purees and with baby led weaning. Combined with the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with, I know the ins and outs, struggles, tips & tricks, plus ALL the latest evidence based research to allow me to share this information with you with full confidence!

I’ve also enlisted experts in other fields to teach various parts of the courses, like a certified first aid instructor and a speech language pathologist specializing in paediatrics and feeding so that you have the best information coming from the best resources!

This course is the only one of it’s kind to cover over 3 hours worth of material and span everything in detail from the logistics of starting solids (baby led weaning, purees and mixed approach), safety & CPR, the equipment needed, the oral motor developmental process, nutrition for baby, troubleshooting plus include resources & recipes. You were likely leaving your 1 hour local class with a lot of questions that came up after the session, and likely were overwhelmed with the many books and blogs where information was inconsistent or hard to retrieve. I’ve gone ahead and compiled all the most trusted and evidence based information into one course that is easily digestible and accessible, and can bet will leave you having all your questions answered!

Baby Led Feeding (BLF) provides over 3 hours of content for less than $17 an hour. Typical 1-hour workshops or sessions offered locally run between $50-100/hour and leave you with much more to learn and figure out on your own. This course is like having a personal registered dietitian in your own home, helping your every step of the way (which would usually cost between $120-180/hour by the way). Plus, you get all the downloadable resources and this content is all accessible for life. So yes, it’s definitely worth the price!

Yes, this course keeps in mind the various developmental stages you baby may be in and allergies your baby may have. In fact, we specifically address this in the course so you can know how to manage these situations.

Because I’m a mom too and want you to walk away feeling satisfied with the content in this course, I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the content of this course. All you need to do is let me know within 30 days of purchasing and show me why you felt the content was not complete.

"Having Edwena take me through the baby led weaning process was great because of all the knowledge I gained and how friendly her approach is! All of my questions and concerns were answered and now I feel confident and excited to start the process with my son. I highly recommend it to any parent. I'm so happy that I took this course!"

Melissa MacDonald
Mom of 5 1/2 month old

Join hundreds of other parents confidently feeding happy, healthy babies!


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